Engagement =)

Matt & KatWe got engaged on Saturday May 18, 2013. Here’s the story: Matt gave me a really nice weekend-get-away 2012 Christmas gift that was perfect, because work tends to keep me “engaged” in being on the computer all the time. (By the way, I freaking LOVE my work that I’ve created for myself! But I might go over-board with the number of hours I dedicate to my career per week.) So, we decided to cash in on his gift during a weekend in May. This particular weekend I chose just happened to be our 3-year anniversary, and we both thought that would make it even more special.

I had no clue this was coming though. I figured that Matt would pull it off at some point this year, but really… NO idea it would be this weekend. Even writing this, it hasn’t completely settled in yet.

We had a lovely Friday playing tennis at the resort, then visiting the pool, bar, jacuzzi. We had dinner. All very lovely. We even had a very insightful conversation Friday night about how we each cope with difficulties in life. He brought up a tactic he uses when he’s down-in-the-dumps, and this particular tactic was like a mirror image with my personal tactic when I cross paths with challenging people in my life.

I realized that going on vacation is MORE than relaxing and indulging. Going on vacation gives us a chance to open up and have meaningful discussions about real-world issues. We have these discussions regularly, but when you are surrounded by a NEW environment, with NEW sensations – aromas, tastes, feelings, the discussions feel all-the-more significant and impactful.

But I digress. Saturday was equally as lovely – We visited a bookstore in Coronado, read separate books and reviewed them to each other, went to lunch and continued to read our books. Then we returned to the resort and sat by the pool all day. I completed a business restructuring workbook by Leonie Dawson, and continued to read Living On Your Own Terms by Osho.

We sat in the sun all day working, reading. Matt took a couple hours to go visit the critters, feed them, and change the box.

Then we went back to the hotel room to change and go on a walk. I love to stay neat and tidy on a vacation, so when I saw a receipt lying on the floor from Costco worth thousands of dollars…. I immediately figured it was left over from the rich people who stayed in our room prior to our stay. I thought “Hm, wow – SOMEbody likes to shop at Costco for thousands of dollars at a time – ha. That’s kinda crazy. Maybe it fell out of between the mattress or something.” I asked Matt. He quickly grabbed it out of my hand, and said “This is from the GOLD I bought.” =) So, then I joked around saying “I’m glad you’re not buying that gold with MY money geez louise!”

Then we went out for the walk. He suggested we visit the secluded spot with the bench facing the Coronado Bay, and I said “ok.” As soon as we sat down, he said “I lied. Costco doesn’t sell gold.” And I thought “oh no oh no oh no…” He pulled out a nice orange box, opened up the box, and said “If you don’t like the style, we can go return it, it’s no big deal, in addition, the ring probably will not really fit your finger, so we’ll have to get it resized, but I really did quite a bit of research and shopping to find this one, I’ll understand if this isn’t the right one, so we could take it back, but I don’t even know whether you said Yes or No?”

I said “Yes or no? You haven’t asked me a question yet.”

Then he said “Oh well, I think we’re a good fit, I love you, and will you marry me?”

Then I said Yes and started crying my eyes out.

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