Special Thank You!

PartayI promise higher quality photos from here on out. Just wanted to send a very special THANK YOU for the wonderful friends who came out Saturday night to celebrate! It was so great to see Natasha, Sam, Daniela, Juan, Carmina, Darryl, Julianne, Dovie, John, and Andrea! Hee hee – If I had known that we’d be engaged, then I would’ve urged more of my friends to come. But I had no idea, of course –

So, we’re throwing a party in June with two celebrations: 1. We’re engaged! and 2. Matt needs a practice audience for yet another Mad Scientist show. Watch out for details! =)

One thought on “Special Thank You!

  • CONGRATS KAT & MATT!! :0). I hope to be able to make the next event!! Please keep me posted!! LYMY BIG HUGS & GB Nanc

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