Icks-nay on the apper-ray =(

Matt and I have been going through some preliminary ideas on wedding stuff. Back in 2006 when I was really getting good at facilitating drum circles, attending drum workshops in taiko, djembe, doumbek, and getting some pretty fun gigs doing it, I DREAMED of having a drum circle at my wedding!

I’ve *never* dreamed of a fancy white dress, I’ve never dreamed of my dad walking me down the aisle (although I love my dad dearly), I’ve never dreamed of wedding-y things like music or bridesmaids or honeymoons or bachelorette parties.

But I literally DREAMT of doing a drum circle at my wedding!

I posed the idea to my sweet engineer/computer guy Matt, and I got a funny look =) Then I got a hesitation. Then I got a pained look. Lol. FORTUNATELY, drumming at my wedding is not as much of a dream now 7 years later.

BUT, I asked if in lieu of a drum circle, perhaps we could hire a Rapping Reverend. My really good friend Lauren Bevilacqua is actually a REAL Rapping Reverend! You can hire her by contacting her! FOR REAL!

Again… I got funny looks.

Back to the drawing board, folks!

Matts Kat

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