How would you feel if…

…you had to converse daily with a weird alien creature? Welcome to my personal era of “Beauty and the Beast.” Matt wants to call it “Beauty and the Cat,” but then I told him that it doesn’t make sense. See how he is twisting it around? I mean, cats ARE Beauties. Issues aside, all of Matt’s cats are very troubled by the images below.

First, I’m moving out of my sweet li’l canyon apt so that I can house-sit for a year. My former professor, who lives in South Carolina, needed someone to “make his family’s house look like it’s lived in.” And I can do that, especially when it’s got these two puppies sitting around:


Moving makes it difficult to plan for a wedding. So instead, I’ve been indulging myself in philosophical epiphanies, revelations, that which is unseen, the meaning of life, “my callings” and so forth.

This popped up on my phone this morning:


During our tennis match, I had some eye-opening personal beliefs crop up.

I’ll thrill you with those another time =) Meanwhile…

As for the wedding

We are considering Suzie’s Farm or Spanish Village as the venue for both ceremony and reception. We really really really want to have food trucks because I did some shopping. And I noticed that UCSD catering charges $40-$80/head, Rancho Bernardo Winery charges $40+/head, etc, etc, etc. When I called my favorite food truck, they said they would charge $5/head or $8/head for the premium plate! Holy moly!

AND we plan to go to Mexico to grab the “open bar accessories” for our guests, so don’t you worry – We will throw a good, fun party with all imported liquor. =) They allow 3 liters to cross the border for each trip. Special thanks to our friend Juan for letting us in on that little-known secret.

Do you have any pointers on the VENUE in San Diego? Please let us know in a comment below! Here are the types of conversations we’re having:


We’re getting Mad Scientist Matt out there doing birthday parties to add to our House Fund and possibly supplement some wedding costs:


No date is set yet. Patience grasshopper, patience. But we would LOVE to hear your ideas on these two things:

1. Do YOU have ideas for a sweet, inexpensive venue in San Diego that allows food trucks?
2. Do YOU know any 7-year olds with a birthday party coming up who would LOVE to be wow-ed and zow-ed by a Mad Scientist?
Leave a comment below…. or get in touch with us via email/FB, etc.

Thanks a bunch! Love, Kat + Matt

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