Horses ain’t never SEEN so many crystals hangin from the trees

There are these angels in my life named Heather, Jessie, Stacy, Dawn, and Gayatri. They’re all in this pic below (minus Dawn) for Matt’s birthday in September:


These ladies are so kind, generous, and amazing. You see, I’m not really the wedding-planning type. It was kinda tough in the beginning thinking that I would have to do a lot of planning, especially knowing that I’ve always wanted a tiny, private wedding. Matt is the one inviting the Queen of England (and she has yet to reply). BUT then these angels came along, and started offering to do stuff and give me their opinions.

It was such a blessing because I would say “Are you guys SURE you wanna come with me dress shopping? I mean, I can’t thank you enough for your time and opinions on this. You don’t have to if you have something better to do, but gosh thank you so so much!” And they would say “Kat, no thank YOU for getting married and giving us the opportunity.”

I’m just in awe of these gals and so thankful. I’m also just in awe of the way the community comes together for these types of things.

Heather is our planner extraordinaire, flowers-master, and logistical genius. She showed up at the venue walk-through with a tape-measure and clipboard. Enough said. Jessie is the glue that sticks us all together and musician. Jessie also makes sure I’m on target with venue walk-throughs and food tastings. She reminds me of stuff that I’m bad at remembering. Stacy is the photographer with a keen eye for design (and her husband is too). =) =) Stacy attends about 5 million weddings per year, so she has given us guidance on several things: wine, agenda, what’s proper, party favors, saving money, on and on – just amazing what a wealth of knowledge she is! Matt is in charge of the honeymoon, thanks to Stacy’s suggestion. Dawn is a baker of cookies cupcakes and everything delicious. And Gayatri offers valuable insight and wisdom. She keeps Matt straight when he gets out of line.

A couple of weekends ago, Jessie and Heather came with me to a Bridal Bazaar.



So glamorous, right? Just wait until I introduce you to Regina.

Regina is a gown representative at Alfred Angelo’s. They rolled out the red carpet for the six of us girls. Regina sat us down, and started asking us questions. Where’s the wedding? How many in your wedding party? yadda yadda. This is how I remember the conversation:

me :: We’re getting married on a farm, so simple and plain.
Regina :: Ooooooooo gurrrrrrrl a farm. Great let me write this down. Who’s your maid of honor?
me :: My sister. So probably something with clean lines, no sequins, but maybe some beads or gem-things. Definitely not mermaid-style though.
Regina :: Ok no problem. This is gonna be goooooood! So you want white then?
me :: probably ivory so it can get dirty you know, nothing too bling bling.
Regina :: Oh girl yes yes, so what we gonna do is set you up with something reeeeeeeeal nice. We gonna make this farm look GLAMOROUS to where those horses ain’t never SEEEEEEEN so many crystals hangin from the trees.
me :: but…
Regina :: And all my girls get veils. You need a veil. It ain’t a wedding without a veil.
me :: I wanted flowers in my hair…
Regina :: We gonna set you up with a nice veil to match your dress, and
me :: an–
Regina :: Let’s go on and get started.

After 5 dress try-ons and all negative reviews by my girls:

Regina: Something’s wrong with your girlfriends.
me: Oh, I’m sure it’s just—-
Regina: They ain’t giving me feedback. I need more than just “no”
me: but ok—
Regina: Come on suck it in while you put this one on… [ZIPPPPPP]
Dawn: Don’t you have anything that’s chic in style, like that goes straight down without the 3-dimensional giant flowers stuck in random places or the 3-foot wide bow in the back?—
Regina: Girl, if you want chic, I promise you it’s gonna look like there’s a bun in the oven. You don’t wanna show off a bun in the oven do you?
[awkward silence]
For the record, and in case there is any doubt, I am NOT pregnant. But when I went shopping at David’s the day before, all the other brides-to-be were stuffing cushions into their dresses =) Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m just stating facts.

This is NOT my wedding dress (I can’t reveal it to Matt!), but here ya go:

Photo Nov 09, 10 41 07 AM

After the GLAMOROUS dress shop, we went to an outlet where they said “Oh you’re a size ten? There’s your rack.” And we had a dress bought within 15 minutes at the outlet store =)

Fortunately, the horses will be saved from the crystals. The chickens will be saved from the sequins. And the CATS will be keeping it real with the glitz and glam on the homefront.

Because, you know. That’s how they roll.


7 thoughts on “Horses ain’t never SEEN so many crystals hangin from the trees

  • This is wonderful! HAHAHAAHA….This must have been an EYE-ROLLING extravaganza. How did your Ladies in Waiting maintain decorum? Or were you all shown the door? To bad Lauren couldn’t have been there..I know there’s an original song somewhere….

    • I know! I really miss Lauren in these life circumstances – dude, there is *definitely* a wam-bam-GLAM song in this somewhere, somehow….

  • A bun in the oven! Uh no please don’t make it look like that (sunless there is a bun in the oven- then yes by all means! What a beautiful bride you will be!!!

    • Ain’t gonna be no buns in my oven come June, Brenda 😉 Thanks for stopping by and sharing some sweet words here, woman.

  • Hooray for “wedding teams”! I can relate to not being the wedding-planning-type. I was in grad school while engaged and would’ve been content with a really small, simple wedding. My sister, 2 BFFs and mom all came to me saying, “CJ we know how much you love surprises, let us plan a surprise wedding for you!” It turned out to be the best thing ever (thankfully they know my taste well enough), they planned to their heart’s content and I just contributed some yays and nays.
    So excited for you Kat and Matt! Now I want to hear more about this FARM!!! 🙂

  • LOVE it! those crazy wedding dress people 😉 I’m sure you will be stunning and gorgeous with just the right gown 🙂

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