ANTICIPATION + Happy Fourth!!!

Here’s where we’re going tonight to see the Pops concert with Reverend Reza and friends…


Matt and I just finished up the table seating – It was a fun exercise to imagine where everyone will sit, what they will talk about, how the dynamics will be, where the Fun Party table will be, etc. And fortunately, we are extremely organized with a google doc. And we have tons of support from friends and family – We are SO blessed.

Here are Jessie and Ian getting ready to provide the ceremony music:


Here we are with Tina, the day-of coordinator making sure it’ll go smooth like butter =) (Tina, Heather, me)


Now if only Callie would let us work a little more efficiently, instead of throwing in her cat-shenanigans…


(Yes, she IS on a diet! It’s the “You’re-so-cute-when-you-meow-and-bat-your-eyelash-whiskers-but-we’re-not-going-to-feed-you” Diet!)

Cross your fingers that Matt doesn’t turn black and blue from the Paintball Bachelor Party… I’ll have my makeup gal on call on the wedding day just in case…

Last pic: This is Heather and I creating the cones for tossing stuff on our heads at the end of the ceremony. This is the day that Heather told me she wanted to do something rebellious! Then I invited her to “step in my office, my friend, let’s make something happen.” So, I’ve got some friends thinking on that….


More soon!

2 thoughts on “ANTICIPATION + Happy Fourth!!!

  • Thanks for the update on wedding plans.

    We bought a cat toy for Mr. Kitty. It has a battery-powered handle decorated with feathers that randomly rotates under a cloth. Every time he used to come in, he would run straight to his food and have a snack, Now he runs to this toy and waits for us to turn it on, He would rather watch and play than eat and he will stay with the toy for up to an hour. As a consequence he has lost a little, but noticeable amount of weight over the past couple of months.

    • Yes mom! I heard about that toy – and El has one too for Tugaloo… Sounds like we should get one for Callie then, eh? “Noticeable amount” ??? Wow – I’m impressed! We’ll have to look into it!

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