Whew! We did it =)


Wow – We did it! Family and friends came from near and far to join us in the celebration. And we are still on a high from it all. Thank you so much to everyone in our loving community who made it possible. We love you!


For more photos, check out the professional teasers on Facebook, #MattsKats on Twitter (see my face after Matt slammed it with cake — after he promised not to!), #MattsKats on Facebook, and check out my Aunt Vicki’s dropbox. Our photographers are our friends Mark and Stacy, and Aunt Vicki was so thoughtful to have captured THEM in her batch! Thanks Aunt Vicki!

Click the image below for Aunt Vicki’s dropbox:

Special thanks to Matt’s parents for hosting the lovely rehearsal dinner, my parents for hosting the incredible wedding ceremony and reception, and my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Bill for hosting the Sunday brunch.

Lots of love from Matt’s Kat =)

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