Wedding Details

Salsa Dancing September 2010

Where will the wedding be held and when? At the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town, San Diego on July 12, 2014.

What’s the agenda?

Drinks Friday, Wedding Saturday, Get-togethers Sunday. Stay tuned!

Where should I make reservations for lodging? Ask for the Cross/Fulton wedding block for #2 and #3 hotels listed below.

1. The Cosmopolitan Hotel – This is the site of the ceremony and reception. We highly recommend staying here if you don’t mind smaller-sized antique beds! Everything is very walkable. We are not holding any rooms there, so they are booking up fast! 619-297-1874

2. Hacienda Hotel (Best Western) – This place is within walking distance of the ceremony, reception, and all of Old Town. $185/night + fees + parking (2 night requirement) 619-298-4707

3. Crowne Plaza – This place is a shuttle and/or taxi away – just about a mile. $139/night + fees + parking 619-297-1101

What’s the attire? The ceremony and reception are outside in the courtyard of the hotel. Dressy casual works perfectly.

Where are you going on your honeymoon? That’s Matt’s job to figure it out, but we’re not sure yet. If you’ve ever been to the South Pacific, then give Matt some tips!

Is Kat going to change her last name? Not professionally.

What’s the RING look like? It’s super sparkly! Matt did an awesome job picking one out on his own.