12 more days…

And we still need to get my dress steamed, look for where to get the bridesmaid dresses steamed, get my hair trial, pay my makeup gal, finalize the ceremony script, talk to the day-of coordinator, get our party favors all fixed up, set up my nail appointment, meet with the DJ, choose the unity candle music, put together the out-of-town bags, talk to a local shop owner who offered us a champagne toast for Friday night… and there’s more =)

But meanwhile, thanks to my friends Cami and Katie for setting up the awesome bachelorette party on Saturday night!


Oh man, the stories shared…. engagement stories, new love / older people love stories, long-term marriage stories, closing out marriage stories… These ladies are DEEP, and I feel so lucky to have friends in my life who can be vulnerable and open in sharing their lives with me.

I can’t tell you everything we did at the bachelorette party, because… that’s why they’re bachelorette parties! But I can tell you that I heard a lot of interesting advice from all sorts of interesting people at a bar later that night! 😉 I’ve definitely made the right decision, and I cannot wait to seal the deal in two weeks with Matt, the Sleestack or Gollum or whatever creature he emulates next =)

Back to work =) Just wanted to update quickly. Until soon!

2 thoughts on “12 more days…

    • Love you Cam!!! The anticipation in seeing YOUR face IRL is putting a smile on MY face! xoxo Cannot WAIT to see you both!!! <3

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